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  • Bart Simp

    Bart Simp

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  • Vivian Browne

    Vivian Browne

  • Daniel Gysel

    Daniel Gysel

    Daniel Gysel lives in Tampa, FL and works in web development as the CEO & Creative Director at DANG Designs. Learn more http://danielgysel.net/

  • Ian Ferrell

    Ian Ferrell

    I am sole proprietor of Ferrell Law LLC, working on water, municipal, eviction, bankruptcy, real estate, etc. My company website: www.ferrelllawllc.com

  • Sharon K White

    Sharon K White

  • Karine Makhijani

    Karine Makhijani

    Interested in sustainable communities, energy access, food stories, cities, art, architecture, design, building networks between human islands.

  • Kumar Khadka

    Kumar Khadka

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